Would You Pay For Standing Room Super Bowl Tickets That Are

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Welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage as the coronavirus crisis continues to heavily impact sport across the globe.


13 Jan 2020.

Want to see 49ers punch their ticket to Super Bowl?.

As of Thursday morning, the cheapest ticket — standing room only — for the.

#NFCChampionship tickets for #49ers vs #Packers on sale.

if you can spring $1,000 for a.

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7 Aug 2014.

Would you pay $600 per ticket for this view?.

49ers have made a limited number of single-game and standing-room-only tickets.

1 most expensive NFL game currently goes to the reigning Super Bowl champion Seahawks.

25 Oct 2017.

Gripe if you will about the price of a World Series ticket, but be thankful you're not paying to see the Super Bowl.

of a lifetime, Colangelo notes, for example, that “ standing-room tickets rarely if ever exist for Super Bowls.