Fbi Cointel Program

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Perhaps most infamous was a secret FBI-led program codenamed COINTELPRO ('Counter Intelligence Program'), initiated in the '50s against such civil and.

COINTELPRO. During the Cold War, the FBI ran a domestic intelligence/ counterintelligence program called COINTELPRO that quickly evolved from a legitimate.


In August 1967, the FBI initiated a covert action program — COINTELPRO — to disrupt and "neutralize" organizations which the Bureau characterized as "Black.

19 Apr 2019.

CounterSpin interview with Nusrat Choudhury on FBI targeting of black.

Nusrat Choudhury is deputy director of the ACLU Racial Justice Program.

COINTELPRO targeted civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

"COINTELPRO" was the FBI's secret program to undermine the popular upsurge which swept the country during the 1960s. Though the name stands for ".