Cointhief Malware Stealing Bitcoins From Mac Users

9 Feb 2014.

SecureMac has more information on how the CoinThief malware is initially.

The first time a user runs the trojanized version of Bitcoin Ticker TTM or.

A, which targets Mac OS X and spies on web traffic to steal Bitcoins.

Malware On Your PC Can Steal Bitcoin10 Feb 2014.

Malware hidden in a private wallet app is reportedly stealing large amounts of bitcoin from Mac OS X users.

First discovered by SecureMac on Sunday, the new trojan targets users of Mac OS X and spies on your web activity to steal Bitcoins. Here’s how it works.

The malware focuses on Mac users and spies on the user’s traffic to steal Bitcoins. They are saying the malware is in the wild and have numerous accounts of stolen Bitcoins. The malware is being spread via an app referred to as “StealthBit” which up to now, was readily available for download from Github. The original source code version.

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The statement also noted; “The OSX/CoinThief trojan infects computers running Mac OS X, stealing login credentials related to various Bitcoin exchanges and wallet sites by installing malicious browser add-ons.

ESET malware experts have revealed that CoinThief is now being spread via P2P file-sharing networks, disguised as cracked versions of the following popular Mac.

OS X users beware: and distributing bitcoin-stealing malware! Hey Reddit, just wanted to give you a heads up regarding some new developments in our investigation of OSX/CoinThief. Previously distributed under the names "BitVanity" and "StealthBit" on Github, the malware has also been distributed under the names "Bitcoin Ticker TTM" and.

10 Feb 2014.

Be careful: a new Mac trojian in the wild is looking to steal them.

First discovered by SecureMac on Sunday, the new trojan targets users of Mac.

to send and receive payments on Bitcoin Stealth Addresses, OSX/CoinThief.

10 Feb 2014.

New Mac OS X Malware Steals Your Bitcoins.

The malware's author may be connected to reddit user “trevorscool,” who advertised.

$12,000 at the time of writing) as a result of the “Coin Thief” trojan embedded in StealthBit.