Bitcoin Price Rally Continues As Crypto Market Cap Eyes $220 Billion

I regularly receive inquiries from around the country regarding how gains and losses on cryptocurrency transactions are taxed. Unfortunately, to date, IRS guidance has been limited to Notice 2014-21, which, while it doesn’t tell us a whole lot, does make the following clear:

Ethereum continues to rise more than other cyrptos, up by 4% today while bitcoin gained only 0.7%. Ethereum rose by another $10 from $188 before reaching the current price of.

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The cryptocurrency market reached a total capitalization of more than $800 billion, while Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap, saw its price peaking at about $20,000. This unparalleled rally made headlines in all cryptocurrency news websites and saw the industry launch into the mainstream as retail investors started to learn about cryptocurrency trading.

Goldman Sachs BITCOIN FUD - "Crypto Not An Asset Class"Bitcoin price is pushing for recovery from the weekend dip to $8,600; all eyes on $9,000. Ethereum price steps above $200 but bulls fail to break the resistance at $205. Ripple pushed to the fourth.

Crypto Market Eyes Rebound at $115 Billion, Short-Term Rally Looking Unlikely . Ripple. Aave Launches Aave Venture To Support Emerging Technology Companies. Ripple. Crypto Update: Ripple and Dash Are Showing Bullish Continuation. Ripple. Bitcoin Price Wat.