Bitcoin Descente Cycling

Bitcoin's 4 Year Cycle - Opportunity   (Original Author)11 Dec 2018.

Any market — cryptocurrency or traditional — is governed by market cycles. Simply put, one market cycle is where price goes up (i.e. uptrend;.

9 Nov 2019.

Bitcoin (BTC) has shown obvious signs of weakness and it has repeatedly.

When BTC/USD bottomed during the 2014-15 part of the last cycle, it felt like.

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How Bitcoin Cash’s Higher Inflation Rate Harmed Bitcoin Asian asset markets are positive this morning as headlines continue to be dominated by Moderna’s trial vaccine headlines. I. 10 May 2020. Let's get to grips with this crucial event in the history of Bitcoin. A large part of these freshly minted bitcoins needs to be sold for cash on. from miners in the months
Bitcoin Lightning Network Demo 1 Jun 2018. We decided to focus on two things in the 8 hour hackathon: first on integrating Lightning support into our Chlu demo hot wallet, and second, to. The Lightning network, as the name suggests, is a network of Bitcoin users or rather nodes. However, the network is outside of the main bitcoin network

BLX: Bitcoin's Supercycle coming to an end? nestay Mar 6, 2019.

I would have loved to savour every moment of its graceful descent. If you are not already.

14 Sep 2019.


out of the charts and examine the psychology behind every market cycle.

@ MFT_HCl, updated weekly chart is showing continued descent.

19 Mar 2020.

This article discusses the effects of Bitcoin Halving on the Bitcoin price and the role of the technical and pricing cycle of Bitcoin in this respect.