Australian Senate Panel Throws Support Behind Crypto Exchange Bill

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The US senate is proposing a bill to make criminals out of anyone intentionally concealing ownership or control of a digital currency or digital exchange account. What’s more, according to the hearing’s prolonged discussion of US law enforcement’s handling of foreign banks and financial institutions, this bill is certain to have far-reaching effects on not only US citizens but the global.

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A recent letter by an Australian Senator to the Prime Minister and House of Reps, and the Senate, with all the necessary lawful references, regarding the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 being illegally removed without a referendum and replaced with a surrogate (Australia Act) which is then relied on for things like this ‘Backdoor’ bill.

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Australian Senate Panel Throws Support Behind Crypto Exchange Bill. Oct 18, 2017 at 18:00 UTC Updated Oct 19, 2017 at 10:40 UTC. aus-4.

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behind it and are developing a cryptocurrency-friendly regulatory regime as a.

Bermuda does not have legislation or regulations that specifically govern cryptocurrencies.

In August 2015, the Australian Parliament's Senate Economic References Committee published a.

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2 Mar 2015.

Regarding the Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2015.

pulled them out of their behinds.

to throw a spanner into Australia's high-tech sector without proper.

“Australia tries to ban crypto research – by ACCIDENT,” Richard.

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