Adding Wm Keeper Winpro On The Webmoney Security Website

From mini to classic /Adding WM Keeper Classic on the WebMoney Security website.1. Changing the operating mode.¶. To change the operating mode you should open the Operation modes section of the Security service site. Go directly to.

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WM Keeper Standard does not allow to create more than one purse for the same title unit type. It also has a number of financial restrictions and does not allow you .

The detailed instruction of how to add WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) can be found in the article Adding WM Keeper WinPro on the WebMoney Security website.

To add WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) operation mode to your purses and at the.

to manage them via WM Keeper Mobile go to Security service web-site and.

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"Security tab" – contains the options that determine the level of protection from.

Always on top – WM Keeper WinPro window will always be displayed above all other.

yourself (create, remove groups, removeadd correspondents to groups).

for the reason that such operations should be made by means if a web-page.