A Year In Review

23/12/2019  · 2019: A year in review. Author: Press Office. 11:37 (UTC) on Mon 23 Dec 2019 . 2019 has been a year of extremes: record-breaking heat and rain, along with notable spells of cold and windy weather have all been prominent. As we approach year-end, we’ve highlighted the most notable climate features of the year, including two all-time.


Years-in-review are often intended to highlight the highs and lows of the events which occurred throughout the year, and often include select works published.

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of year-in-review stories that will focus on the top achievements by area high schools in the 2019-20 athletic season.

23 Dec 2019.

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There are echoes of the great WH Hudson in an autistic teenager’s intimate reflections on the complex pleasures of immersion.

2019: A Year In Review | TIMECNN takes a look back at the biggest moments of 2019 and the big moments and events that are coming up in 2020.

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